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guess i'm going to have to cut back expenses. my budget is already maxed out as tight as it can be right now and i don't spend money on anything else. i don't really have much disposable income as it is. so i guess i don't know, i have to cut my gym membership, my healthy eating, the things that keep me out of the hospital to begin with. >> yeah. were you surprised? i mean what were your expectations when you heard about the plan and when you decided you needed to go look at the plans that were available? >> my expectation was fear to begin with because i have worked out a high risk/high yooelds health care system that works for me. being mandated to pay, at least i was hoping for something, better coverage than what i am getting on my own right now. looks like is, i will be paying for a service that i may never reap the benefits of in a year. >> because you're young and healthy. >> i'm young and healthy. and if i actually do, i may be paying co-pays on top of that. for $2400 i should have all the free nice beautiful health care i possibly could because if i was paying $2400, i would hav
of confusion, too, about what's next for sac. there is this five-year probation so at max, bharara explained it will take them five years to wind down their current businesses and close forever. they may be able to become a family office for some period of time, perhaps the principals will reopen a new hedge fund at some point. we'll wait for more clarity from sac which has yet to comment, but a little bit of a defense there in spite of the fact that this was a landmark amount of money and there were five guilty pleas to securities and wire fraud is somewhat unprecedented, tyler and sue, or perhaps entirely unprecedented. we don't know what all the other cases are but the amount of money certainly is. >> i know we have to go, but kate, what was your read of that statement that i put the question to bethanie, that no institution is too big to jail. did you interpret that as he's going to become more aggressive against some of the big banks? >> potentially yes, and i think we've seen some evidence of that already with the tone that both bharara but also his boss eric holder are taking with jpm
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2